Welcometo the Website for Chandler's Music Education, Downtown Bloomington's premier studio space offering Guitar and Vocal lessons

    Specializing in Rock & Roll, our studio provides children, teenagers, and adults with an alternative to classical musical trainin

    Our lessons are practical and fun, beginning with Rhythm Guitar, graduating to Lead and rising to Advanced Theory.                     

Chandler's Music Education has moved into Rewind on 6th street downtown as of April 1st 2012. Visit our new location! 


  Guitar & Vocal Lessons
per half hour

Available Time Slots:
Please call for availability 812.361.0411               


Mission Statement:
The mission of Chandler's Music Education is to serve the community through providing the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to learn Music.
Chandler's Music Education offers quality instruction in both Guitar and Voice. Always wanted to play guitar and sing? It's not as difficult to learn as you might think, in about 3-6 months students are able to play basic chord-based songs well enough to entertain friends and jam with other musicians. Visit our Downtown Bloomington location or give us a call to schedule an appointment.
    All lessons are $15/half hour. Our competitive rates are based on a commitment to provide everyone with the willingness to learn the opportunity to take lessons. We also will offer special rates to those enduring financial difficulties.   

    Payments are due before the 1st of each month, for the whole month. For instance, June's fee would be due the last week of May. Please remember to check your calendar to see if there are 4 or 5 weeks of your lesson day in each month. If your lesson is on Fridays, in January you would pay $75 and in February $60.

    That's right, four lessons for only $60! Some students like to have an hour for a vocal lesson, or like to do two lessons per week to make faster progress and we are happy to accomodate. Give us a call at 812.361.0411 to schedule an appointment.

What to expect:
    People always me ask how long it will take for them to learn guitar. It all depends on your dedication, practice ethic and age. But I can guarentee that you will be increasing your Musical understanding, technique and improv ability while playing songs you know that form a foundation of modern Rock & Roll.

    Middle School students have the highest curve of all age groups. They learn fast and practice alot. IT's really cool to play the guitar...especially at this age. A typical student beginning lessons in 7th grade will be playing in bands in high school and will be much more popular than if they didn't play...or if they played the Tuba.

    Late High School. This is where it gets really exciting. It's amazing to see a student grow from playing Bob Dylan songs to learning the pentatonic scale to playing in bands and really shredding! This level of student is encouraged to begin forming bands and preforming if they are not already. I have one student who's metal band (Pariah) won the Battle of the Bands at Rhino's last year, playing his original compositions, and it's so fun to see teenagers and young adults really take off with the instrument.

    We also have been young students who are doing very well. Too young for accolades but many of these kids are good! What an amazing opportunity for a child to learn Music at an early age and what an advantage for them as Musicians.

    Don't think you're too old to play the guitar! It's common for adults to being skeptical of the results they'll see from studying guitar. But in practice, being taught by a Musician with the heart of a teacher can yeild real, practical results in just a matter of months. It's not too late to fulfil a life-long desire to play and master Music. 

Lesson Content:
    Here at Chandler's Music Education, we teach Rock & Roll. Lots of Beatles and Bob Dylan for beginners, lots of Led Zepplin and Classic Rock for Intermediate students and the greats Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai have works represented for the Advanced Students.

     Lessons consist of practicing Scales and Excercises, Blues Improvisation and Learning Songs. Intermediate and Advanced students can look forward to solidifying their grasp on technique and expanding their musical knowledge and understanding. 

     Beginers can expect a few weeks of difficulty in holding down chords, depending on their age. Most students begin to develop the skills that enable them to really enjoy playing the guitar after only a few months. 

    Whatever your age or skill level, give learning Music a shot. It's inexpensive and can bring so much joy into your life. No "talent" required. You're so young...what's stopping you? Call C.M.E @ 812.361.0411! You'll be super glad you did!